Client Rights Statement

Absolute Home Care has a responsibility to ensure all clients are informed of their rights, responsibilities and obligations as consumers of agency services.

It is expected that every staff member and client is afforded fair and just treatment.

Absolute Home Care will make sure staff are aware of client rights and responsibilities and rectify any unsatisfactory situations identified.

Clients have a right to be fully informed of:

  • Health needs.
  • Use of any information obtained by the agency.
  • Medication information including side effects.
  • Proposed care and treatment plans.
  • Treatment choices, options and associated risks.
  • The right to receive advice and education regarding their health or condition.
  • The right to complain without fear of victimisation and expect the agency to find a satisfactory solution.
  • The right to withdraw consent to treatment/care including:
  • stop services
  • seek a change of staff
  • access records held by the agency.

Absolute Home Care will make sure all staff:

  • Respect the values, beliefs and culture of clients.
  • Be non-judgemental and supportive of clients choices toward care and treatment of their condition(s).
  • Acknowledge all clients have a right to refuse some or all of their care, and must inform clients of the consequences of that decision.

The agency has a responsibility to protect staff and provides policies for safe practice. Staff may be withdrawn from providing services when a situation is considered unsafe.

Absolute Home Care understands that people may be held accountable for failure to adhere to the rights and responsibilities of a client/staff relationship in providing care.