Member of the Australian Council on Health Care Standards (ACHS) since January 2009

Absolute Home Care has been a member of the Australian Council
on Health Care Standards (ACHS) since January 2009.

Following a Periodic Review conducted in November 2018, Absolute Home Care are proud to announce that the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards have awarded Absolute Home Care continuing accreditation through to 2022. Again,this is testimony that Absolute Home Care strive to deliver the highest level of care to our valued clients.

As always there were some recommendations for ongoing improvements and the agency will be focusing on implementing changes which will assist us in achieving these improvements, ensuring that the services to our clients continues to be of the highest quality.

Accreditation is public recognition by a healthcare accreditation body of the achievement of accreditation standards by a healthcare organisation, demonstrated through an independent external peer assessment of that organisation’s level of performance in relation to the standards.

Accreditation systems are considered to comprise of five key elements:
1. A governance or stewardship function
2. A standards-setting process
3. A process of external evaluation of compliance against those standards
4. A remediation or improvement process following the review
5. Promotion of continuous quality improvement

Absolute Home Care uses the ACHS EQuIP 6 Evaluation and Quality Improvement Program. This framework is used for managing our health services to ensure quality and safety in all aspects of our care services, and for achieving quality improvement.
The EQuIP 6 Program involves a four year quality assessment cycle of improvement that supports excellence in consumer care and services and continuously striving for best practice

The agency compares it’s performance with, or learns from, others and applies best-practice principles

Absolute Home Care continues to strive toward ongoing improvement in all areas of business and practice

Absolute Home Care